Thank you for playing the Childlife Lottery.  Since we launched in September 2017, we’re delighted to have had 2,356 players winning a £5 entry into the next draw, 204 winning £25 and 14 very lucky people scooping the prize for five numbers matched in order – £1,000.  We’ve also had one lucky winner who matched all numbers in the correct order and won themselves £25,000!

Draws take place weekly on a Friday, so you have a chance to win each and every week.  With every extra £1 weekly entry you have, you increase your chances of winning a prize.

If you would like to play an additional weekly entry, please either contact us here or email, confirming your name and address and how many additional lines you would like to play each week.

Playing the Childlife Lottery is, as you know, very simple.  Each line of play costs just £1 a week and at least 50p of each £1 comes directly to Childlife.




Number of winners correct as at 1/5/24