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Posted on 30.04.2024

Through Ataxia UK’s network, families are able to connect with one another and benefit from the support of shared experiences.

After a regular health check at two-years-old, Maisie was referred to a specialist and subsequently diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia atrophy aged three, turning her family’s world upside-down. With the addition of other diagnoses, including hypermobility and arthritis, she struggles daily with fatigue and chronic pain in her legs, but Mum, Stacey says ‘there’s no such word as can’t; we just do things differently to others’.

Maisie is a huge fan of K-Pop (Korean pop music) and has even started to learn to speak Korean. She also loves going to the theatre, spending time with her best friend and her cat Reuben, who she often sings and reads to.

“Through the Ataxia UK magazine and online, we have learnt more about the condition and connected with others in the same situation. It helps Maisie to understand that she is not alone.” Stacey.

Owning her disability

A huge achievement for Maisie was completing a half marathon when she was just nine years old, with the support of her family, teachers, and physio’s.

Now 13, she is a confident young person, in charge of her own future. Her family encourage her to live life to the fullest and to understand that it’s OK to be different. ‘Maisie copes well, and now she is beginning to take control by asking professionals questions and taking ownership of her disability’, says Stacey.

With Ataxia UK on her side, Maisie knows they are there when she needs them.  Thank you for helping her and other children.

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