Make your donation go further with Gift Aidgiftaidit

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can increase the value of your donations to Childlife by 25% at no cost to yourself. By simply making a Gift Aid Declaration, Childlife can reclaim the basic rate of tax that you have already paid on any donations you have already made or make in the future.

If you have signed up to make a regular gift to us, you should already have been asked whether you would like to Gift Aid your donations.

If you make an online donation you will also get the opportunity to Gift Aid it.

If you are going to send us a donation by cheque, please call 01252 628072 or contact us and we’ll get a manual form out to you.

If at anytime you cease to be a UK tax payer, please let us know so we can stop claiming Gift Aid on your donations or if you become a UK tax payer having previously not been, please also get in touch.

Complete a Gift Aid Declaration here.