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Posted on 21.07.2020

At the beginning of July we felt the time was right to make a cautious return to our face-to-face fundraising, with extra measures in place to keep our fundraisers and the public safe.

We have been completely overwhelmed by the kind words and praise we have received over the last few weeks, reassuring us that our fundraisers are doing a fantastic job representing Childlife whilst respecting the current situation and all the additional precautions that entails.

We wanted to share just a few of the lovely comments emailed to us (we have removed the fundraisers names to spare their blushes!)

“I just wanted to email to say a big thank you to the lady that came to my door today. I’ve always felt so anxious and pressured when charity workers knock but this has been the first time that I’ve felt informed and at ease to learn and give to someone and not feel forced.”

“I had two of your colleagues knock my door today and I’d like you to tell them how much of a good job they are doing – in the rain, and with PPE clothing – they should be given a medal.”

“This afternoon I met your fundraisers ‘X’ and ‘Y’.  I have to be honest, I wasn’t too keen on getting involved but they showed so much passion over the relevance and impact that your charity has on these children’s lives that I found myself without reasonable excuses why not get on board.”

“Just a quick email to let you know that I had a great time today talking to one of your fundraisers, ‘X’, he was very friendly and informative about your charity, and you could tell he clearly cares a lot about the work he is doing.”

“The people that came to my door today were really super nice, they were soaking wet but were still cheerful.  ‘X’ and ‘Y’ were fantastic – they took their time to explain all the info.  I’ve had a lot of people come to the door before and these two were definitely the nicest ones I’ve met.  I’d like to thank them for cheering up my day.”

“I just wanted to send praise to the two lovely girls who came to my front door to talk about your charity. Whilst for personal reasons I am supporting cancer charities at this time, they were smiley and cheerful despite being soaking wet from the rain. They are a credit to your charity and an inspiration to those they speak to.”

“Two very incredible Top 10, very nice, very polite fundraisers came to my house (‘X’ and ‘Y’) – please pass on the feedback!”

We could not be more proud of the way our fundraisers have returned to their roles with such professionalism and respect for the wellbeing of everyone they speak to.  As a lesser-known charity, face-to-face fundraising is the main way for us to explain to the public how the four Childlife charities are supporting children and young people across the UK every day of the year.

Thank you to all our fundraisers and to everyone who has taken some time out of their day to speak with them and consider supporting Childlife.

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