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Posted on 30.04.2024

A new campaign called ‘Children At The Table’, is giving young people the chance to make sure that the next Government works to improve the lives of babies, children and young people.

Ahead of the next general election, the UK’s five leading children’s charities – including the National Children’s Bureau – have joined together with a mission to ensure the next Government has a plan to put children at the heart of decision-making.

Currently, 4.2 million children in the UK are growing up in poverty and one million are living in extreme poverty. It’s estimated that 1.4 million children have a mental health condition in England and are struggling to get access to the support they need. These and many other issues will be addressed by the campaign, with a roadmap to making improvements already set out in a full report.

“I think it’s important for us to encourage young people to speak out about the changes they want to see from the Government, that are going to help them in the future”. Darryl, young person supported by NCB.

Making the UK the best place to be a child

The launch event in Westminster, hosted by NCB, saw 25 young people representing the charities involved, speaking directly to parliamentarians, MPs and Lords, about the issues that matter to them and discussing why their voices should be listened to.

As well as supporting children and young people who get involved in face-to-face events, NCB are co-ordinating a network of over 200 children’s charities and organisations who are involved with all aspects of the campaign.

To find out more about this key project and read the report in full, go to

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