Caring for the whole family

Esme is a smiling, happy, bubbly nine-year-old, who is full of life and well known for the beautiful bows she wears in her hair. Her personality draws people in. She takes everything in her stride, regardless of whatever’s thrown her way.

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Supporting Penny-Mae

Penny-Mae is 11 and has ataxia, as well as other complex needs, presenting challenges to her Mum, Emma, in all aspects of her life. She has low muscle tone throughout her body, so she crawls to get around indoors and wears splints to support her ankles.

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Stopping the Spiral

The National Children’s Bureau has worked with other leading children’s charities including NSPCC, Action for Children, The Children’s Society and Barnardo’s to publish evidence of how cuts to funding and spending on children’s services have impacted on families’ lives.

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Including grandparents

When a baby or child is diagnosed with hearing loss, it can be a daunting time for a family, with a lot of information to take in and new things to learn about.  This extends of course to grandparents, who are often also caregivers whilst parents are at work.

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