Newly qualified Acorns nurse prescribersThanks in part to the generous giving of Childlife supporters, Acorns has been able to send a total of six staff members for nurse prescriber training.

Clinical lead, Anna Terry (left) and Hospice at Home Manager, Jo Reed (right), recently qualified as ‘nurse prescribers’.

As Jo explains, this means faster treatment for the children in their care: ‘We don’t have to wait for the GP to finish surgery and come over to write up prescriptions; there is almost always someone on duty who is able to immediately prescribe.’

‘We’re able to alleviate symptoms and provide pain management quicker.’

The course, approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, includes 80 hours of clinical practice with a medical mentor.

‘It taught us how medications are used and how they affect different parts of the body’, says Jo, who qualified in September 2015; ‘plus we have a nurse prescribing group at Acorns, chaired by our Medical Director, Mark Hunter, so we can continue to develop our learning by sharing best practice.’

‘This can be crucial at end of life when symptoms are escalating.’

Evidence shows that nurse prescribing improves patient care by ensuring timely access to medication and treatment; something that can be particularly important in end of life care.

Similarly, this example from Acorns shows how even when the care they deliver is already exceptional, the people we support through all four Childlife charities never stop striving to improve their practice – and to make life better for those they look after.

Your generous giving underpins this progress – and we’re very grateful.